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Summer Time - Gershwin

by Katie Smith | James Smith (piano)

Aims of Really Sing

Learning how to sing properly is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling activities to take part in. It is not only incredibly physical; it also develops a myriad of other skills from musicianship to interpretation of text, language proficiency and performance presentation in all sorts of different genres – the list could go on and on.

I aim to pass on my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to my students, to help them to achieve security of vocal production in order to facilitate their creative vocal direction.

My teaching involves two main areas: the first is learning about support for the voice and the second involves achieving the correct placement for the sound. The combination of these two in the right way will ensure a lifelong ability to sing.

It is not just a technique designed for classical singers; many of my students have gone on to achieve in the Music Theatre world and others have used their knowledge of vocal technique in pop/jazz genres, too.

I am currently located in Mere, Wiltshire.

Feel free to read some reviews of my teaching from my current and past pupils on my Testimonials page


I feel so much more confident with my singing and I enjoy it so much more.


Thank you for all the singing lessons. I have really enjoyed them and I have learned so much. You’re a tremendous teacher.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my singing lessons with you – I will miss them lots! I am really happy with my Grade 8 result, which I couldn’t have done without you.